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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a Week....

.....and that's an understatement.  Been meaning to give my cheesy bread review but this has been a crazy week (crazier than normal).  Also read a blog in which the author wrote that if you are going to blog, there was an "unwritten code" and one of the rules was to blog with consistency--okay, failed that so far.  I have been blogging in my head a lot but it hasn't made it to my fingertips just yet!  Last Sunday, I made Pioneer Woman's cheesy bread....I was not excited about it.  Even though I thought I was going to flip my lid when I made it...not so much.  I took one bite and it was so heavy I wrapped it up and ended up throwing it away.  On the bright side that was probably 10 million calories that I didn't consume last week!  Which ended up being good because I have somehow injured my back.  It happened week before last but I have been ignoring it and pressing on but by Monday, I had, had enough and I had also signed up for the 5K Cruising the Creekwalk on Saturday.  So, I broke down and went to the doctor and had xrays and stuff and was given a steroid and Toradol shot and some meds.  Felt great after I left and went to the gym on Tuesday (mistake) and flared it back up.  So, Thursday I had to drive to Biloxi for a meeting and drive home Friday afternoon (unmedicated).  Needless to say, my back wasn't loving me when I got home.  I was sure glad to be home!  I was still on the fence about the 5k but, I had encouraged two of my friends to participate and Caroline was also excited.  I also made a pact (with myself) that I would run one race a month for the next twelve months.  So, I seriously medicated myself and finished 2 minutes faster than the one I ran last month.  But, after the race my back notified me that it was seriously pissed off and didn't appreciate my accomplishment.  Hoping that the pinched nerve decides to die, shrink, move or whatever--just quit ticking off the rest of my back! 
After the 5K - T and T's first 5k

Cuz and her beau (they could have run the 5k twice and still beaten my time!

My Sweet Caroline!

"A's" number - no one but me probably even noticed this!

Two of the four PF early birds (Missy and Kyla....we expect you two at the next one:)

It sure was cold this morning (which my cousin text me earlier this week to give me fair warning!)  Caroline and I had our iPods charged up, our warmest clothes on and headed to Prattville.  We met my great friends there and lined up at the starting line.  I was less nervous than when I did the JBR last month so that was good.  It started off and from the start my breathing was not good--I am guessing it was the cold (or maybe all the drugs that I had taken)  just didn't get in a groove.  I was glad to see my friend T beside me, it was her first 5K but I think that she inspired me WAY more today than I did her.  We kept up the pace together but I ended up with a stabbing pain every time I put weight on my left leg.  I was just hoping that eventually my left leg would go numb but that never happened!  So at mile #2 we were looking good Traci was encouraged but I was thinking that I wasn't going to finish.  I don't think that I felt this at the last race.  My cousin and her boyfriend had finished and decided to escort us in for the last leg.....I did make it, it was a struggle but finished 2 minutes faster than last time.  Hoping that if I improve 2 minutes each month then I will be happy.  Probably a long shot but sure gonna try!  Thanks to my friend "A" for sticking with Caroline so that she can say she finished a 5K also.  Caroline also decided that she wanted to run the 1 mile fun run so thank you "D" for entertaining her...there was no way I could have done it with her --my nerve was in full force by then!  All in all, I am glad that I decided to do it but have a feeling I will "pay for it" for the next few days!  Time to start looking for a February race and maybe to see a medicine man or witch doctor!  Enjoy the pics!  Also, looking at the "stats" for my blog, I know how many times it is being read but no one ever comments.....WTH?  Okay, well I am making up a new blog readers unwritten code--if you creep and read my blog, at least leave me a comment or two every once in a while.  You can be anonymous and vague...just comment, please!


  1. I just tried to comment on your wall but it's not showing up on my phone. Well hopefully this one will and you will know I read your blog to catch up on all you girls. So proud of you and Caroline. Keep up the hard work. Hope to see y'all soon! Preferably before Mother's Day. :-)

  2. Im so proud of you, you have worked so hard to prepare for this run, it really suck that your back is messed up. You have showed me that I can do anything I sent my mind to do. It was great 5k with you by my side, I look forward to many more. You have to get well girl. Im so proud od Caroline and Taylor they did great.

  3. Thanks, Britt! Now that I think about it, I believe that I started this blog when you went on your mission trip to Mexico? I never wrote anything but I did start! Hope to see ya'll soon.

    Traci-you can do anything you want! I really don't think I would have made it though Saturday without you! Thanks again for the inspiration! I am proud of our girls too! Can't wait for the next one and maybe it will be SLIGHTLY warmer!